Zuhair Murad

It was a great pleasure to attend Zuhair Murad Show – “Imperial Russia” Couture Fall-Winter 2018/2019.  The grand balls held by Tsars  in Saint Petersburg give way to a sense of aristocratic opulence.

From the Great Ball that once that marked the opening of a season to the decadent wardrobe of Elisabeth of Russia, famous for her 15 000 gowns, to Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina, the historical savour-fair redefines contemporary elegance.

A buster dress with an ivory white trail inis adorned by organic motifs or coats-of-arm, and illuminated by washed out gold beading. Another model with long lives, plunging neckline is embellished with tone-on-tone dusty blue guipure. Brocade is paired with Venetian velour and embroided with glimmering stones outlining arabesque – reminiscent of Faberge eggs. A bronze velour cape envelops the shoulders, soft tulle softens strict cuts.

By the Maestro Zuhair Murad vision, the bringing of the masculine and feminine, of ornamentation and functionality, two usually opposed worlds, reflects today’s modern woman.