Antonio Grimaldi

Antonio Grimaldi Show – ” Punk Queens” is one of my favourite! The Collection Fall-Winter 2018/19- in his Hymne a la Beauty Charles Baudelaire recounts in verse the candour of beauty. A timeless beauty, as absolute as love the knows no boundaries, genders or barriers.

Antonio Grimaldi takes inspiration from the verses of the French port and translate the authors literature into his creation of this Collection.

Visual emotions for the contemporary Punk Queens and Style Icons that embrace dark charm brings forward to the catwalk the sensual protagonist, honouring the Elizabethan and Victorian elegance of the English noblewomen with garments of linear and essential cuts. Minimal embroidery in coupe with plaques, chandelier like crystals on long dresses, appliqu├ęs with plumage, sequins in velvet and leather.

With his sartorial mastery Antonio Grimaldi presents tuxedos with velvets and wool inlays, pleated chiffon t-shirts and resin embroidery that evokes the precious tailoring of women’s dresses combined with black velvet sneakers. A gaze towards the attitude of the British lords of the past, one among all, Oscar Wild.

Bijoux headpieces by Bertrand Delettrez, who continues his collaboration with Antonio Grimaldi, created for this Collection a chocker of plug.