Briefly about Nuriya and her biography.

You don’t meet ladies like Nuriya every day and that’s a fact. Nuriya is the ideal example of a global citizen with a unique multilaterally developed personality combined with a strong academic background.She has lived in different countries despite her young age and is now based in Monte-Carlo. She is talented and successful in the academic and business sense, Nuriya also always was involved in art and culture. She was passionate about ballet and piano classes, which she followed for more than a decade in addition to attending drama school where she relentlessly worked on perfecting her skills in the performing arts.This background has resulted in her becoming a successful artistic person today : a perfectionist, who constantly strives for the very best with a strong understanding of business.
From an academic perspective, Nuriya obtained her first degree in civil law, then the further degree in marketing before going on to take a prestigious MBA. She speaks few languages.
Currently, Nuriya enjoys an international career in fashion, represents brands and designers, with a beautiful effort and passion creating her portfolio as an actress. Her stylish inspiration hails from art, theatre and cinema and  she wishes to inspire people all around the globe.